About Akogler Designs

Hello, I’m Angie! I am the face behind AKogler Designs.

I have always had a passion for design and photography. Since the age of 11, I would spend my time on Youtube learning the Adobe Suite and found a spark that went off in me. Something about having the freedom to create anything I imagined with my laptop was magical at the time. Fast forward many years I, decided I wanted to graduate early to pursue a career in graphic design. After graduating, I went to BCIT to take their Graphic Design Associate Certificate program and found so much fulfillment in creating. Once finishing the program, I started freelancing and found many of my clients wanted digital marketing services, but I had no background in marketing. I did what I do best and started researching everything about how to grow organically and drive traffic through social media. Digital marketing interested me immensely so going back to school to study it was no question. I went back to BCIT to take their Digital Marketing Strategy Associate Certificate. I now offer a full range of services from photography, design, and digital marketing to give my clients the most amount of value.

When I am not spending my time working you will probably find me in nature exploring. As a hobby, I share my adventures on my Instagram account @wanderwithangie. Experiencing nature is a vital part of my creative process because I try to incorporate a bit of nature in every design. Awareness while outside helps me stay inspired to create new ideas.