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Nature-inspired Designs

Hello! I am Angie, the creative mind behind Akogler Designs, a creative agency nestled in scenic Chilliwack, BC. Born and raised in the heart of British Columbia, I was fortunate to be surrounded by awe-inspiring nature from an early age. Spending countless hours immersed in the great outdoors, I developed a profound connection with the captivating landscapes that surrounded me. As I journeyed through life, my passion for photography and design took root, drawing immense inspiration from the natural world. When I embarked on establishing my own brand, I made it my mission to infuse the essence of nature’s beauty into every project I undertake. By seamlessly blending my love for the outdoors with my artistic pursuits, I aspire to craft designs that are a testament to the breathtaking allure of our environment. Join me on this creative expedition as I harness the splendour of nature to breathe life into your visions. Together, let’s weave a tapestry of design that harmoniously merges aesthetics with the untamed spirit of the outdoors.

Capturing the moment

Through the lens, a thousand tales unfold. Allow me to capture the essence of the moment and weave a profound narrative. With expertise in product, portrait, automotive, and interior photography, I thrive in freezing memories into frames. While I am rooted in Chilliwack, BC, my passion for exploration fuels my desire to travel far and wide. Immerse yourself in my captivating portfolio and reach out to embark on a photographic adventure. Together, let’s create something extraordinary. I eagerly await the opportunity to witness the magic we can conjure!

About Akogler Designs

Hey, I'm Angie


I have always had a passion for design and photography. Since the age of 11, I would spend my time on Youtube learning the Adobe Suite and found a spark that went off in me. Something about having the freedom to create anything I imagined with my laptop was magical at the time. Fast forward many years I, decided I wanted to graduate early to pursue a career in graphic design. After graduating, I went to BCIT to take their Graphic Design Associate Certificate program and found so much fulfillment in creating. 

Creating designs with meaning

I specialize in crafting brand identities and developing custom website solutions that not only yield tangible results but also propel your business towards progress. My approach is rooted in strategic thinking, ensuring that every aspect of your brand is meticulously planned and executed. By collaborating closely, we can construct a brand identity that resonates deeply, evoking genuine passion from within and authentically representing your unique values. Let’s join forces and embark on the journey of building your brand together, forging a remarkable presence in the market.

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